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4 Essential Steps to Adopting a New Pet

Adopting a new pet can be extremely exciting. You get to bring an entirely new and adorable member into your family! However, adopting a pet also comes with a lot of decisions that can significantly affect whether your new pet settles in nicely with your home or has some difficulties. For example, what kind of pet are you going to get? Not all pets are appropriate for all families and houses. How are you supposed to prepare your home for your new pet, and what should you do if your new pet is misbehaving? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. To ensure that bringing your new home goes as smoothly as possible, follow these four steps.

Choosing the Best Pet for You

The first decision you need to make when bringing a new animal into your family is exactly what kind of pet you are going to get. Your mind might jump straight to dogs and cats as options, but there are also plenty of other species of pets available, including fish, birds, and reptiles. While these pets might have a learning curve, they can be a great addition to your family.

With so many options available, how are you ever going to decide? We suggest taking an honest account of how much space and time you have to devote to your pet, as well as figure out exactly what you want your pet to act like. You can’t precisely cuddle with a fish, and while Oscars are adorable, a 50-gallon fish tank is just too big for some households. You should also take into account any allergies anyone in your family has. A dog probably isn’t a good fit for someone who is allergic to dogs. Taking a step back and being truthful about your constraints can help you chose a pet that best fits your family.

Preparing Your Home

After you know what pet you want to get, it is time to set up your home accordingly. This might involve setting up a tank or cage, or it might consist of “puppy-proofing” your house. You should also ready your family members to accept the new pet into the household. If you have small children, make sure they know how to handle and interact with the new pet before you bring it home. If your pet is smaller, there is a chance your child could harm them, so work on preventing this before the pet is even in your home. You will also have to stock up on important pet supplies such as food and toys.

Helping Your Pet Acclimate

All new pets will require an adjustment period before they completely warm up to their new home. Petfinder suggests helping this process by providing a gentle introduction to your home and family members. According to Homeward Trails, a rescue pet might also be particularly nervous and require more time to adjust. Introducing your new pet slowly and gently can significantly improve their chances of feeling safe in their new home.

It is normal for pets to have accidents inside the house as they try to figure out where the bathroom is. We suggest having an upholstery cleaning budget factored into your pet cost. Research how much upholstery cleaning costs are in your area and budget accordingly. If you’d like to attempt the job yourself, HomeAdvisor offers some tips on removing pet odors.


Finally, now you can enjoy your pet! Be sure to participate with your pet in appropriate ways, and take care of their exercise needs. Spending time with your pet and playing with them specifically can increase your bond and lead to more natural training.

Bringing a pet into your home is exciting, but a few steps are necessary to ensure that your pet settles into their new home. Following these steps can help the process go smoothly.

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