• Julie Gajewski, CPPS

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be scary for our four-legged friends. Help keep them safe by following these Halloween pet safety tips.

Pet ID Tags

Opening the door every few minutes for trick or treaters gives Fido & Fluffy more chances to slip out while you are busy handing out candy. Keeping ID tags on your pet's collar or have a microchip for your pet will help identify them in the off chance they get outside.

Keep Your At Home

The kids, both young and adult, may love walking the dark streets taking in all the goblins and ghouls, but Fido may find that it is too stressful to handle. Leaving him at home where he is safe may be the best decision. Plus it frees you up to catch those adorable pictures of your child in their costume!

Candy is Bad for Pets

Halloween candy is bad for pets. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs to ingest and xylitol can be deadly. Keep all Halloween candy of reach of your pets to prevent a trip to the local animal emergency clinic.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Halloween decorations have many attractive parts for your pet to chew and possibly ingest leading to costly veterinary visits. If you have a dog or cat that is curious of items around your home is prone to chewing things other than a dog bone, keep those decorations out of their reach! Curious cats have been known knock over an item or two so placing ping jack o lantern with candles out of the way or switching to battery operated candles may help prevent a fire or injury.

Stranger Danger

All pets like people, especially ones dressed in scary costumes. If your pet is prone to lunging at people they do not know or has a history of aggression, it may be best to keep them closed is a room away from the trick or treaters at the front door. Give them a safe place they can feel secure during the commotion.

Playing Dress Up

If you have a costume for your pet this Halloween, make sure your pet is comfortable. Can they breath ok and move freely? Are there pieces of the costume loose or inviting your pet to chew and ingest them? Also for safety reasons, never leave your pet alone while in their costume!

Halloween with pets can be fun and safe when you use proper judgment. By follow these Halloween Pet Safety Tips, you can help ensure the entire family, your pet included, can have a safe and fun holiday.

Written by Julie Gajewski, CPPS. Julie has been pet sitting and working in the veterinary industry as both a technician and hospital administrator since 1997. She is a pet business consultant and a guest blog writer for pet sitters across the world. She lives in Florida with her husband and furry children, 2 Pugs and 4 cats. You can find out more about Julie by visiting her website.

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