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Pets in Hot Cars

Pets in Hot Cars

What can you do to help?

Understand the risk of leaving a pet in a hot car. When you understand the risks of leaving a pet in a hot car, you are then able to educate the people around you. Do your research, know the laws, and have the facts. Did you know that in just 10 minutes, the inside temperature of your car during a 90 degree day can reach 109 degrees? After 30 minutes, the temperature inside the vehicle can register at 124 degrees! Remember, cracking the windows and parking in the shade, have little to impact on the vehicles inside temperature!

Know how to respond. What can you do if you see a pet inside a hot vehicle? First, write down the make/model and license plate number for the vehicle. If you know how long the animal has been in the vehicle take note. If it has not been more than 10 minutes and there are businesses close by, go into the businesses and inquire if management can make an announcement regarding a pet left in a vehicle. If the pet has been in the car for more than 10 minuted or if the owner cannot be found, contact your local animal control or use the non-emergency number to contact local law enforcement. Nevada state law ONLY allows certain peace officers, animal control personnel, and other public safety personnel "to use any force that is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances to remove the cat or dog from the motor vehicle." Do NOT break into a car to save a pet, doing so could land you in jail!

Educate the general public Spread the word to everyone you know about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars! Use social media to share one of the many info graphics that pet related companies have created or create and share your own. Tell your friends, family, & co-workers about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars even for just a few minutes. The bottom line is, the more you educate the more aware people will be!

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