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Staying Cool in the Summer Heat: Tips for Humans & Their Canine Companions

As dog walkers, we know all too well how hot it gets here in Las Vegas! We take every precaution to keep ourselves and the dogs we care for safe and cool during our walks. When the temperature rises, we take extra precaution to prevent heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke. Here are a few tips on staying cool in the heat when outside with your dog.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important for both you when the thermometer rises. It is important to always carry a water bottle for you and Fido when enjoying the great outdoors. Amazon has an easy to use water bottle that allows you to squeeze water into a cup for Fido to drink from. CamelBak offers wearable water bottles that keep your hands free. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Go Swimming

The fastest way to cool down is for Fido to go swimming. If a your dog is not a fan of large bodies of water, during a hot day is to let him play in a doggie pool. There are a variety of doggie pools. Some are collapsible for easy storage, while others are designed to prevent chewing. Most come with pools built-in drains to get the water out easily. Check out these doggie pool ideas on Pinterest or go to your local Walmart to buy a sturdy kiddie pool.

Cooling Vests & Towels

Using a cooling towel like the Chilly Pad by froggtoggs, keeps you us humans cool all day. The Chilly Pad retains water but stays dry to the touch. The Swamp Cooler by RuffWear provides protection from the sun and cooling through evaporation for Fido.

Staying cool is key to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke for both humans and pets alike. Always make sure you and your pet have ample shade when outdoors and never leave your pet in a hot car!

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