Cats Really Do Need Us!

Your cat depends on you for food, water and maybe a special treat sometime. So, it might seem that other than these needs your cat can do just fine on his or her own. But, do cats really prefer an independent life. As it turns out, maybe not.


Being on their own can create stress on your housecat. Overall, it's suggested your cat should not be alone for more than 12 hours. This is especially true if your feline best friend has special needs. Whether it's a strict feeding schedule or schedule for medication it's even more important that your cat spend no more than three or four hours alone.

  • Meals & Fresh Water

  • Lots of Love and Attention

  • Clean Litter Boxes

  • Daily Updates (Texts/Emails)

  • Water Plants

  • Alternate Lights, Curtains & Blinds

  • Administer Medications

$18 Short Visit (10-15 minutes)

$36 per day/2 visits

$50 per day/3 visits 

$22 Common Visit (30 minutes).

$44 per day/2 visits 

$60 per day/3 visit


$27 Extended Visit (60 minutes)

$54 per day/2 visits 

$76 per day/3 visits 


Cat Care Description and Rates
(No fees for mileage, administering medications or additional pets. )

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